How to Choose the Right OZEV Grant: 5 Key Questions Answered

by | May 30, 2023 | Editorial


Choosing the right OZEV Grant can be a complex and confusing process. With various grant options and combinations available, asking the right questions is essential. In this blog, we’ll explore five key questions to help you choose the OZEV grant for your needs.


What are my EV chargepoint needs?

Will your OZEV Grant be for a workplace, a residential Landlord, a tenant, a car park, a fleet business, or a combination of these? It all starts with you. OZEV provides grants to cover various scenarios, so defining who will use your chargepoint is essential. Be as specific as possible to narrow down and simplify your options. Clearly defining your needs will also help you optimise your OZEV grant allocation.


For example, as a Landlord and property owner, you can apply for both the electric vehicle chargepoint grant and the electric vehicle infrastructure grant.


The Chargepoint Grant provides £350 or up to 75% off the purchase and installation of a socket (whichever is the lower amount). Landlords can apply for up to 200 grants for residential properties each financial year and a further 100 grants for commercial properties. The installations can be allocated to one property or across multiple properties.


Eligible Landlords may choose to combine the Chargepoint Grant with the Infrastructure Grant, which provides up to £30,000 or 75% of the cost of installing multiple chargepoints and the related building work. The exact amount will depend on the number of parking spaces included in the work. Each infrastructure grant must apply to a different property, and the grant can cover the cost of wiring and infrastructure to allow for future additional chargepoint installations.


Businesses can achieve similar savings by combining the Workplace Charging Scheme grant with the OZEV grant for staff and fleets.


But before you dive into researching the various OZEV grant options, it’s essential first to define your EV charging needs. This clarity will unlock your optimum grant allocation.


What OZEV grants are available?


The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) provides funding to support chargepoint infrastructure and the transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). These include:


  • Electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants for landlords
  • Electric vehicle chargepoint grant if you own or rent a flat
  • Workplace Charging Scheme
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure grant for staff and fleets
  • OZEV Grant for carparks


How can you determine your eligibility for an OZEV grant?

Each OZEV grant has specific and detailed eligibility criteria which can’t be adequately covered in a blog. However, the team from are here to help – complete the ‘Contact Us’ form to talk to a member of the team. 


The OZEV grant eligibilty criteria can be complex, let’s explore the OZEV grant for landlords as an example:


Landlords may be eligible for up to 200 grants per year, whilst commercial landlords can apply for up to 100 grants. The grant application may apply to multiple or single properties.

For OZEV Grant eligibility, landlords must meet specific criteria to be defined as a landlord.


  • A landlord can apply for OZEV Grants for EV Charger installations at:
  • Multi or single-unit properties
  • Let commercial properties where staff or the tenants’ fleet use assigned parking spaces. (The EV chargers at such commercial properties can’t be made available for public or site visitor use).
  • Up to 5 different sites, including businesses owned by the landlord, as well as leased and rental sites.
  • Landlords cannot include their personal residence in the OZEV Grant application and holiday rental properties are also excluded.


To be eligible for this OZEV Grant, which is limited to £15,000, landlords must assign 5 parking spaces for planned EV Charger infrastructure installation. However, only one parking space must have an operating chargepoint.


Should I use an OZEV-approved installer and an EV chargepoint Installation Project Management Partner?

Only installers approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) can be used for grant-supported EV chargepoint installations. An approved EV chargepoint installer will be able to provide you with their OZEV installer number. This demonstrates that OZEV have confirmed they are registered under the Competent Person Scheme, have registered their company details with the DVLA and their contact information is held on the authorised installer list. 

Partnering with an EV chargepoint installation project management company is recommended but entirely optional. For a relatively small investment, the Project Management company will not only mitigate the risks involved but also ensure legal and safety compliance as well as provide long-term maintenance for your chargepoints. Contact the for further information on these services.


What is the application process for an OZEV grant?

The application process, criteria, and preparation for each type of OZEV grant differ; however, here is an example of a 7-step process for how the EV Chargepoint grant for staff and fleets could work: 


1) Contact the team for help choosing an OZEV-authorised installer. Once you’ve chosen an installer, ask them for their OZEV installer number. The installer will need to treat each application as one job and provide a single invoice at the end of the installation process

2) Make sure you’ve chosen an OZEV-approved commercial chargepoint model. Contact the team for help choosing an OZEV-approved commercial chargepoint model

3) Carefully complete the OZEV Grant Application Form 

4) Your installer can start work as soon as your grant application is approved

5) Once the work is complete, your installer will then claim the grant on your behalf. This involves uploading your invoice along with photos of the chargepoints and a diagram of the carpark. Your final invoice will include the grant discount 

6) You’ll then receive an email from OZEV and you’ll have 7 working days to review the information and inform OZEV if any of the details are incorrect. 

7) If no adjustments are required, there’s no need to contact OZEV as they will automatically pay the grant to your installer once the 7 working days have expired. 


Choosing the right OZEV grant requires careful consideration of your chargepoint needs, eligibility, OZEV grant types, and the application and installation process. By asking these five key questions, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and select the OZEV grants that best suit your needs. Take a significant step towards embracing a greener and more sustainable future by contacting the team today.