Maximizing Space: Efficient EV Charging Solutions for Businesses

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Guide

As the world transitions towards a greener future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. For many people looking at installing EV at their workspace space may be a high concern on the list. Weather because of the lack of parking or tight space outdoors. In this blog, we will explore space-saving options and their benefits from a business perspective. If you’d first like to learn more check out our basics of EV charging now!


Wall-Mounted Charging Stations

Wall-mounted charging stations are an excellent space-saving option for businesses with parking directly next to the exterior wall. They can be easily installed on existing walls, helping where floor space is limited. These stations are not only efficient but can also offer a clean and sleek look that blends seamlessly with the surroundings, if the right chargers are selected. One thing to always think about with wall mounted chargers is the surrounding foot traffic as the cable can cause a trip hazard when in use. Wall mounted charger options are currently available up to a 40kW speed.


Multi-Port Charging Stations

For businesses with high EV traffic, multi-port charging stations are a great choice. These stations can accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously, maximizing the use of available space. Moreover, they can be strategically placed in areas where the infrastructure already exists and can even be combined with the wall mounted solution to allow for maximum efficiency.


Smart Charging Management Systems

If the space you’re worried about is your power then implementing smart charging management systems is another strategy you could utilise. These systems can regulate charging schedules, allowing multiple vehicles to share a single charging station without overloading the electrical grid. With businesses also being able to control charging times to ensure efficient use of resources.


Retractable Charging Stations

Retractable charging stations are a cutting-edge solution for businesses with limited space. These stations can be hidden when not in use, making them perfect for locations where aesthetics are a concern. With just a push of a button, they extend for EV charging, providing a seamless and space-saving experience. The biggest concern with these ChargePoint is also their biggest feature; the way you can hide them. If these chargers are for public/ customer use this is not recommended due to the difficult customers may have finding them when needed.


Collaboration with Nearby Businesses

In some cases, businesses can collaborate with nearby establishments to share charging infrastructure. This can be especially beneficial for companies in shared office spaces or retail centres. By sharing the cost and space, all parties can benefit from EV charging facilities.


The Business Benefits of EV Charging Solutions

From a business perspective, investing in EV charging can offer several advantages, even for smaller businesses:


Attracting Customers:

Providing EV charging facilities can not only attract more environmentally conscious customers to your business but can also help you build a stronger relationships with these patrons.


Employee Satisfaction:

Offering charging stations for employees can boost job satisfaction and retention, especially for employees with electric vehicles. It will not only help employees with EVs already but can contribute to encouraging the move to EV.


Fleet Management:

For companies with electric vehicle fleets, efficient charging solutions can save time and money. If you wanted to look into fleet management check out our guide on electrifying your fleet.


Sustainable Image:

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can enhance a company’s reputation and attract socially responsible investors and funders. To learn more about funding for EV charge points click here.


Revenue Generation:

If your business chose to do so. You can generate passive additional revenue by charging for the use of EV charging stations using tariffs and other things. See how to monetize your charge points here.



The focus on space-saving solutions is becoming increasingly important. By offering innovative and efficient charging options businesses can meet the growing demand for EV charging but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. These solutions not only enhance convenience for EV users but also bring numerous benefits to businesses. As the EV revolution continues companies play a vital role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. To get started on your journey enquire now.