How Much Does a Commercial EV Charger Cost?

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Editorial

As more and more people are looking into EV charging for their company a common question has arisen for installers. This question is how much a commercial EV charger costs in the UK. But the truth is that there is no simple ball park figure due to the large variety of factors that affect the cost of an installation in all stages. To help you better understand where these costs may come from, we’ll explore the variables that can affect the cost of commercial EV charger installations in the UK, including the potential expenses associated with new connections.


Charger Type and Capacity:

The first factor that people think of when looking at a commercial EV charger is the type and capacity of the charger you choose. There are hundreds of different types of chargers, ranging in style, features and functionality. Most chargers can be defined by a level from level 1 to level 3 , this level is based purely on the capacity of the charger, measured in kilowatts (kW). A good way to look at the pricing of chargers is the more powerful chargers with faster charging speeds tend to be more expensive, not only on their standalone price but also their associated works. Additionally, the number of charging ports on a station can impact the cost. For more information on choosing the best EV charger for your business click here.


Location and Site Preparation:

Location is another larger factor when it comes to the cost of your EV ChargePoint installation. The location is an extremely important factor to define for not only the usage of your charger, but for the installation costs. This is due to multiple different factors including the cable length needed to reach the power supply, the ground type around the area (If groundworks are needed) and planning permissions that may be needed if the cable run needs to go in an obscure route. If your business premises requires significant site preparation, such as electrical infrastructure upgrades or ground excavation, the costs can increase substantially. Check out our guide for more information “Preparing for Your EV Charger Installation”.


Permits and Regulations:

Navigating local permits and regulations is an essential but often overlooked aspect of EV charger installations. You may need permits for construction, electrical work, and compliance with building codes and zoning regulations. Failure to account for these costs can lead to delays and unexpected expenses/ fines in the future.


Network Connectivity and Software:

Commercial EV chargers often require network connectivity for remote monitoring, user authentication, and payment processing. The choice of network provider and associated subscription fees can add to the overall cost. Finding an installer that uses a good software system (Back-office) is essential for keeping track of this vital information.


Maintenance and Ongoing Services:

Don’t forget to factor in ongoing maintenance and service costs. Regular maintenance ensures the reliable operation of your chargers and extends their lifespan. For commercial properties it is a requirement to have regular maintenance and inspections to endure there are no issues with your chargers and they are compliant.


Electrical Supply Capacity and new connections:

Depending on your existing electrical supply capacity at your site, there can be a major cost increase. If your premises has sufficient electrical capacity, the installation may be relatively straightforward and cost-effective. However, if your site lacks the necessary electrical capacity for your needed chargers, you may need to invest in upgrades, including a higher-capacity electrical service and distribution equipment. You may need to collaborate with your local distribution network operator (DNO) to upgrade or establish new connections. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly. For more information on power upgrades and alternative solutions click here.



The cost of a commercial EV charger installation in the UK can vary widely depending on numerous variables. It’s essential for you or your installer to conduct a thorough assessment of your specific needs, site conditions, and electrical infrastructure to get an accurate estimate. While new connections and electrical upgrades can be significant cost factors, they are often necessary to ensure the successful deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Partnering with experienced EV charging installation companies can help you navigate these complexities and informed decisions about your investment in sustainable transportation solutions. To find an experienced installation company for you enquire now.