The Diverse World of EV Owners: Understanding Their Needs and Expectations

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Editorial

When looking to install EV charging at your business it is important to understand who is going to be utilising the chargers and as the EV revolution is becoming increasingly more prevalent. The importance of understanding these differences are increasingly important. We understand that the EV community is not a one size fits all solutions but instead contains diverse users with unique needs and expectations. In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of EV owners who will be utilizing your chargers and delve into their expectations.


The Urban Commuter:

These EV owners will be most prevalent in and round the outskirts of cities and will primarily use their electric vehicles for daily commuting in busy urban environments.


These urban commuters expect fast and accessible charging options in key locations such as workplaces and city centres. Being easily accessible.


The Road Trip Enthusiast:

The road trip enthusiast EV owners. Use their vehicle primarily for travelling across the UK for shorter and longer stays away. Often embarking on longer journeys, that may sometimes need a recharge along the way.


The Road Trip Enthusiast has 2 key expectations when traveling. The first is high-speed charging stations that are strategically placed along major highways for a seamless road trip experience. With the second often being slower chargers that can be utilised overnight during their stay. Usually choosing a location based on weather this amenity is available.


The Business Fleets:

For Business fleets their main usage and needs will vary based on a large number of factors including location. Distance etc. With these needs being so varied it if difficult to give one concrete definition.  Check out our electrifying your fleets guide here.


Though we cannot define the specific needs for business fleets we do know that business fleets usually need scalable charging solutions, management tools, and reliability to support a growing fleet.


The Eco-Conscious Consumer:

When thinking about EV owners the go to consumer is usually seen as the Eco-Conscious consumer, and while this can be a big reason for moving it is not every driver. These EV owners are driven by environmental concerns, making sustainable choices in their day-to-day life.


The main expectation for Eco-conscious customers is that with these charging solutions there is also transparency around your business environmental actions, access to renewable energy sources and a commitment to minimizing the carbon footprint in charging operations. To see how you can take your sustainability further click here.


The Tech-Savvy User:

There has also been a recent influx in Tech-Savy users purchasing EVs due to the cutting-edge technology being used and with these consumers being interested in keeping up with the latest technology and smart charging solutions.


Tech-Savvy users will consistently be focused on the charging experience almost to the same level of the charging themselves. They will be looking for chargers that are linked to the mobile apps they use. Ones with a in depth software, real-time updates, and user-friendly interfaces creating a more seamless charging experience.


The Time-Efficient Professional:

The time-efficient professional is very similar to the urban commuter. Being an EV owner with busier schedule and who look for more efficient charging solutions.


These customers will not be looking for any bells or whistles while on their charging journey. They prioritise faster charging options and the ability to pre-schedule charging sessions for convenience and easier planning of their day, wanting seamless experience.


The Cost-Conscious Consumer:

With the initial cost of an EV currently being generally higher than a traditional vehicle. Moving to EV can make individuals look for the most cost-effective way to charge. These individuals mindful of their budget and seeking economical charging solutions.


Cost-Conscious customers will be looking for charging stations that offer transparent pricing models, loyalty programs, and cost-effective charging options. If your price is right and offers loyalty programs these customers could become a regular at your charge points if they see it as a good solution.


Staff Convenience:

For businesses utilizing EVs for staff transportation. We cannot give any specific information on the needs as every business is different. For staff charging we recommend speaking to your employees about their day to day needs and develop a strategy based on these meetings.


Other Considerations:

Apart from the customer type these are a few other considerations you should make when looking at installing EV charging at your business. These considerations include:



As more businesses embrace the diverse landscape of EV owners, we understand that there may be some generalisation happening with the customers. To ensure your customer gets the best experience they can we are committed to tailoring our services to meet the specific needs and expectations of each user type. By understanding the unique demands of the EV community, we aim to contribute to the seamless integration of electric vehicles into the mainstream, one charge at a time. Ready to get started? Enquire now.