The School EV Charging Grant Scheme

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Guide

The newest grant helping support the uptake of EV charging in the UK is focused on academies and schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This grant is an extension of the existing WCS grants available offering more financial assistance to install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on school grounds. This grant is currently available until 31st March 2025.

This grant offers an increase in financial support compared to previously available grant. Raising from the average of £350 up to £2,500 per socket or 75% of the installation. With a maximum of 40 sockets being allowed.



Introducing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at your institution brings a lot of benefits that extend beyond convenience. By installing chargers, you are not only encouraging the adoption of EVs among staff and visitors, but also showing your support toward environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint.

There are also a range of financial advantages of implementing EV chargers. Not only do EVs typically have lower operating costs compared to traditional vehicles, but by offering charging you’re opening up a revenue-generating opportunities during off-peak hours. Together these efforts can help foster a culture of sustainability and innovation, distinguishing your institution from others.



The key points of the eligibility criteria for this grant is listed below:

  • Your school/academy must be based in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Island.
  • There needs to be an existing or future need for EV charging that can be confirmed by an installer.
  • You should have designated off-street parking.
  • There should be no previous application for any EV charge point grants for the same charge point.
  • Received less than £135,000 in minimal financial assistance over the past 3 fiscal years. (Unless exempt).
    • Minimal financial assistance includes:
      • State Grants
      • Subsidies
      • Any other government financial incentives


If you are ineligible, you may still be eligible for a different EV charge point grant. To see all the currently available grants click here.



The UK government has expanded its Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) to offer increased assistance for state-funded schools, nurseries, and academies for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, this grant is currently available until March 31, 2025. With eligible institutions being able to receive up to £2,500 per socket or 75% of the total installation costs, on a maximum of 40 sockets. Eligibility criteria include being based in the UK, having a need for EV charging, off-street parking, and meeting certain financial thresholds.