The Top 5 EV Chargepoint Brands for Businesses

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Editorial


In a world where sustainability and eco-consciousness are at the forefront, businesses are increasingly embracing electric vehicles (EVs) and expanding their charging infrastructure. Whether you manage a corporate office, a retail store, or an industrial facility, providing EV charging stations is not just an environmentally responsible choice but also a smart business decision. But with this growth in popularity there has also been a large number of companies creating EV chargers for you to use. With so many chargers it can make it difficult to decide which charger fits your needs, so to help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 EV charger brands for commercial installations.


5: Project EV

To start off our list we are starting with a long-standing EV charge point brand- Project EV.


One of the biggest pros of project EV is the sheer number of chargers they offer with 3-5 chargers for each charging range (7kW, 22kW etc.). All of these chargers also have very similar styles and aesthetics allowing you to utilize multiple different speeds of chargers without a large difference in looks, allowing for a cohesive design.



The biggest cons with Project EV link quite well with their pros. The first con is that there really isn’t anything ‘Unique’ with their chargers and while they’re reliable, and have a simple design there are no aspects charge point they offer that would fix a unique issue better than any other charger, this also extends to their limited colour options only really offering black for their charge point. The second and biggest con for Project EV charger is their specifics with each line.


If you’re looking for a reliable all-rounded charger for general use and are not looking for anything too special, Project EV is a great choice. But if your infrastructure require a little more complexity they may not be suitable for you.



The second charger brand under the spotlight today is the EVEC chargers. Having a charging offering between 7kW- 22kW.


The EVEC brand has rapidly emerged recently with their offering of reliable budget friendly EV chargers, these chargers go from 7 – 22kW and even have a dual wall mounted 7kW charger, which is quite hard to find. All of the chargers they offer are wall mounted, but can be put on a stand if necessary and offer a reliable option for people who don’t need rapid charging at a reasonable price.


The biggest Con for the EVEC chargers are their limited power output being no higher than 22kW charger, with their compact design and there budget friendly prices we would love to see a few more alternatives for these charging speeds and see EVEC move into DC charging options.

The EVEC chargers can be seen best utilized at long stay locations with little traffic in situations where staff may be the ones utilizing the chargers.


3: Nidec 60 – 360 kw

Going from one extreme to another the 3rd charger brand were speaking about today is NIDECs recently announced offering of DC chargers. Ranging from 60- 360kW.


When looking at these chargers you can tell the quality and craftsmanship that went into them. Currently they’re offering 2 chargers; the 120kW and the 360kW version. Both chargers start at 60kW and can be built up to their respective wattages overtime. The biggest feature of their chargers is the LCD screen that can be used for marketing and supplying information to users. These screens bring a whole new passive income into the chargers helping the return on investment be much quicker.


The biggest Cons of the Nidec chargers are the cost associated with them. Because of the innovation with the technology going into the chargers and the other technology needed for the screen to be properly utilized it is probably the most costly charger on the list. So, we only recommend these chargers to larger businesses, that can also properly utilize the advertising because of a large amount of foot traffic.


The Nidec Chargers are truly a great innovation in the EV charging industry but without substantial foot traffic or a high projected income it may be better to trail charging with some of the other brands we’ve mentioned. We hope to see some other solutions in the future from Nidec that allow for more budget-friendly installations.



The EASEE Charging offer while small, is extremely elegant and high quality. Having chargers between 7- 22kW in their current offering.


As soon as you see the EASEE chargers you can see one of the biggest pros of them, these chargers are extremely well designed and look sleek wherever you put them. They come in a large range of colours to suit any location and they were also designed for ease of installation. Designed to be easily daisy chained off of each other reducing cable needed and cable run for these chargers, saving money on the installation costs. They were also designed with a power balancing system inside preventing overbalancing of power.


The only Cons for the EASEE chargers are their limited power options, if you’re in need of a faster charging solution unfortunately currently there are no options in their offering but we are hoping to see this change in the near future.




Sometimes one is better than 10, And this is exactly the case with the CTEK charger. They currently only have ‘1’ charger they offer.


The pros for this charger are quite a few. When speaking to EV installation companies we found out that the CTEK is one of the most robust and hard-wearing chargers they had used, being extremely reliable and very sleek looking. The charger “Chargestorm Connected 2” comes in 18 different variants varying in wattage, number of connectors and whether they’re teetered or untethered. These sleek chargers allow for an easy installation and easy ongoing maintenance being our installers favorite to use on site.


The biggest Con for the CTEK chargestorm is the 22kW limit as while 22kW is one of the most installed chargers we understand that it is not realistic for all businesses. With some needing a quicker charging speed. We also hope to see a little customization in the future in colours from their signature black and green.



All the charger brands listed here are extremely high quality and should be your go to when it comes to completing an EV chargepoint installation. Each brand is one that we would happily recommend to people looking at installing EV chargers at their business with most of them having their own specific use cases. We understand that our ranking method may be seen as a little random, but this list is based on both installer and customer opinions.