Charging Ahead: The Tourism Potential of EV Charging

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Editorial

1.Attracting Sustainable Tourists:

Environmentally Conscious Travelers:

With the increasing global awareness of climate change, there has been a notable shift in consumer behaviour, especially among tourists. Many travellers now actively seek eco-friendly options, including modes of transportation. By offering EV charging stations, businesses can tap into this growing market of environmentally conscious individuals who prefer sustainable travel solutions, helping encourage travellers to visit your establishment.


Brand Differentiation:

In a competitive tourism industry, where destinations may need to fight for attention, businesses that align themselves with green initiatives can stand out. EV charging facilities become a unique selling point, setting a business apart from competitors. This differentiation not only attracts sustainable tourists but also contributes to a positive brand image. For many EV owners this one USP may be the difference on where they decide to go during their precious time off.


2.Extended Dwell Time and Increased Spending:

Local Attractions and Activities:

EV charging help present an opportunity for businesses to promote local attractions and activities. Tourists are more likely to explore nearby sites, restaurants, and shops while waiting for their vehicles to charge. Ensuring the charging is located in a prime spot not only enhances the overall tourist experience but also supports the nearby local businesses, boosting the economic impact of tourism on the community. To learn more about how EV charging can benefit your local community click here.


Collaborations with Local Businesses:

Your business can forge partnerships with other local establishments to create bundled offerings for tourists. For example, a business could collaborate with a nearby café to offer discounts to EV owners while their vehicles charge. These collaborations not only promote local commerce but also foster a sense of community engagement. Working with other local businesses can also help with the cost of the EV charging if you split the cost, making the charging more affordable and allows for more/ faster units to be installed. To figure out when you should invest in EV charging click here for out guide on just that!


3. Community Engagement and Collaboration:

Community Focused Approach:

Installing EV charging stations will not only provide tourists charging but it also provides an opportunity for businesses to adopt a community centred approach. Engaging with local authorities, residents, and businesses ensures that the charging infrastructure can meet not only the tourists needs but also the local community. This collaborative effort strengthens the business’s ties to the community and enhances its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.


Shared Benefits:

By creating a network of charging stations, businesses can contribute to the growth of EV adoption. This shared infrastructure benefits both tourists and local residents, fostering a sense of inclusivity. Additionally, businesses can involve local communities in sustainability initiatives, creating a shared responsibility for environmental solutions.


4. Destination Branding and Marketing:

Sustainability as a Selling Point:

Your business can also leverage your commitment to sustainability as a key element in destination branding. Marketing campaigns can be created highlighting EV charging infrastructure, along with other green practices, position the destination as a responsible and forward-thinking choice for tourists. This positive association can influence travel decisions and attract a broader audience. It is essential that any businesses utilising the “sustainability” aspect of EV charging understand the whole process when looking at being more sustainable and understanding how EVs and EV charging do currently affect the environment. For more information on this subject check out our guide here.


Social Media and Online Presence:

You should also be utilizing social media platforms and online channels to showcase your new available amenity and efforts moving toward sustainability. Your business can share stories of eco-friendly practices, community collaborations, and the positive environmental impact of EV charging installations as well as showcasing other local companies doing similar. This not only enhances the brand’s online presence but also creates a narrative that resonates with conscious consumers.


5. Government Incentives and Support:

Financial Benefits:

Governments around the world are increasingly offering incentives and support for businesses investing in sustainable practices, including EV charging infrastructure.  With the UK being one of these leading entities with the currently available grants and tax benefits available for businesses looking to utilise EV charging at their workplace. This financial support enhances the economic viability of EV charging projects. These current grants and incentives are due for a review in March 2024, so there is no better time than now to apply for a charge point.

Other Partnerships And Support:

Using government grants and tax incentives is not the only way that the cost of EV charging can be supported via cost. With a larger number of funders showing interest in investing on larger projects. To see if you’d potential be eligible for funding for your installation click here. Or to see how to attract investors to your EV charging project click here.



Embracing EV charging as a strategic element in the tourism sector goes beyond the installation of charging stations; it involves a holistic approach that integrates sustainability into the core of business operations. As businesses you can pioneer these efforts, not only catering to the evolving needs of tourists but also contributing to the creation of more resilient, eco-friendly destinations. In the intersection of tourism and sustainability, EV charging stands as a beacon for a brighter and greener future. Ready to get started? Enquire now.