Top 5 Recently Announced EVs

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Editorial

As the road to 2030 grows closer and closer, a larger range of Electric vehicles are being announced to encourage and support every type of driver. In this blog we are going to cover the top 5 recently announced EVs, what to expect from it and our opinions on them.


5: Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV

Expected Release date: 2024

Cost: TBC

Mileage: TBC

While this may not be everyone’s go-to everyday car. It is a showstopper. This vehicle is an all-electric muscle car. With expected performance that exceeds the 2023 Charger Hellcat. Currently the vehicle is expected to have a choice of either 455 or 590 horsepower powered via a 400 volt battery. With a 800 Volt version expected to come at a later date. This AWD beast comes with many unique selling points including its gorgeous interior and unique performance features like the multi-speed eRupt transmission, simulating a traditional gas engine.


4: Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Expected Release date: Late 2023

Cost: Est £195,000

Mileage: Up to 250 Miles

This gorgeous GranTurismo Folgore is releasing with a bang. Containing a trio of electric motors capable of creating a combined 818 horsepower. Allowing it to speed into action with a 0-60 speed of only 2.7 seconds! With the release date late this year keep your eyes open for this beauty; or it might just fly by.


3: Tesla Cybertruck

tesla cybertruck

Expected Release date: 2024 (Pre-order currently available)

Cost: From £68,000

Mileage: Up to 500 Miles

If you’ve been keeping track of Electric vehicles in the past few years were sure you’ve heard of this one. This truck is really one of a kind with its futuristic design and diverse utility, it makes it a must have in the EV community. This vehicle has been available to order since December 2022 therefore, you may have heard about the long wait people have been experiencing. If you have already ordered one of these beauties you may be receiving it any time now. If not 2024 is the estimate for mass production of these vehicles.


2: Abarth 500e Scorpionissima

Abarth 500e

Expected Release date: Currently Available

Cost: From £37,864

Mileage: Up to 155 Miles

A lot of the vehicles on this list are unattainable for the average person (Even if theyre nice to look at). If you want an affordable high-quality eye-catching vehicle the new 2024 Abarth might be perfect for you. Coming with some amazing technology as well as a comfortable stylish interior that would leave anyone impressed. This is definitely one of the vehicles we will be sing more on the road as time goes on.


1: Chevrolet Corvette EV

Expected Release date: 2024/5

Cost: Est £130,000 – £160,000

Mileage: Up to 155 Miles

Now for a personal favorite of mine, The Chevrolet Corvette EV. And while there isn’t much information on this car currently. Based on the build quality and capabilities of their previous vehicles it is expected that the vehicle could have up to a 1000hp from three or four motors. As well as having a similar 2-seat interior to their traditional vehicle style.