What is the lifespan of my EV chargers?

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Guide

While there is no exact timeline for the lifespan of an EV charger, there are a range of factors that can affect the lifespan of an EV charger. A well maintained and properly installed charger can last between 10-20 years. In this guide I will be going over a few of the things you should be looking out for when purchasing and maintaining an EV charger.


The Initial Preparations

The Charger

The lifespan of your charger can be affected from before it has even be installed. Probably one of the biggest factors being the charger itself. You shouldn’t always go for the cheapest option unless you know it is from a reliable supplier. Ensure you’re looking for the highest quality charger you can get for your budget with the best warranty you can receive, and while there is no foolproof way of knowing the quality of the chargers you’re looking at asking an installer or looking at reviews can be a great way to find a charger meeting your requirements.


Pro Tip 1: Opt for untethered chargers to avoid costly replacements if the cable gets damaged, as tethered chargers can require replacing the entire unit.


The Installer

Another often looked over point in the lifespan of EV chargers is who is installing the charger for you. With over 20% of EV chargers installed being broken in the UK. Just as you wouldn’t rely on a painter to handle your plumbing, entrusting the installation of your EV chargers to an uncertified electrician is not advised. Due to their high power consumption, neglecting proper installation can be extremely dangerous to not only the charger itself, but also your property.


Pro Tip 2: Even if you’re ineligible for a grant, look for an OZEV approved installer as these installers have been vetted for the quality of their work.


Usage and maintenance


The usage of your EV charger will affect the lifespan. Especially if not cared for properly during the process. Similar to any other technology overtime it may see scratches, scuffs and other physical damage that can occur with everyday use which may not affect the functionality. But mishandling can also cause issues with the plug for the cable and other important aspects of the chargers that may not be covered by warranty.



When looking at investing in an EV charger installation it can be beneficial to begin a maintenance contract with said company, as regular maintenance and servicing can help prolong the lifespan of your EV charger/s. This allows for the installers to notice and define potential degradation of parts allowing for replacements to be quickly done. Preventing issues and ensure optimal performance over time.


Other Factors

Environmental factors

Environmental factors, such as extreme weather (hot or cold), rain and humidity have the potential to slowly affect the durability of your EV charger/s and while there is no way to stop these factors by installing the chargers in cover or purchasing protection for these chargers it can help protect the chargers from these harsh environments, mitigating the affects.


Technological advancements

As time goes on it is only expected for batteries to carry more capacity and chargers to improve in both reliability and charging efficiency. When this happens charge points may still work but could possibly be under spec for your needs. To reduce the affect of these changes, opting for a modular charger or stating the need for future proofing to your installer may make the process of an upgrade much simpler and less costly.



The lifespan of your EV charger can be a substantial amount of time (10-20 years) if the following information has been considered during the process of installation and aftercare. You should consider the quality of both the charger and installer you use as well as ensuring that the maintenance and aftercare of the chargers are completed properly and in a timely manner.