Revolutionizing Parking: The Advantages of Retrofitting for EV Charging

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Editorial

Retrofitting existing parking facilities for EV charging is a crucial step in the transition towards a more sustainable and electric vehicle-friendly future. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of retrofitting existing parking facilities for EV charging and discuss the advantages it offers to businesses and the environment.


The Need for Retrofitting:

The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is undeniable, with more and more people choosing eco-friendly transportation options. Businesses that offer EV charging at their parking facilities for staff and customers are at the forefront of this trend. Retrofitting existing parking facilities for EV charging is essential for various reasons:


Attracting Customers:

Businesses with EV charging facilities are more likely to attract environmentally conscious customers. They’ll see your company as forward-thinking and committed to sustainability.


Compliance with Regulations:

In the UK, there are regulations and government incentives to promote the installation of EV chargers. Retrofitting your parking facilities ensures compliance and may make your business eligible for grants or incentives they currently have to offer.


Economic Advantages:

Offering EV charging can generate additional revenue. You can charge a fee for the use of your chargers, increasing your income while providing a valuable service to EV owners. See here out blog on monetising your EV charging.


Benefits of Retrofitting:

As well as there being a need for retrofitting EV charging at your business there are also several benefits that you can utilise when going this.


Environmental Impact:

Retrofitting parking facilities with EV chargers reduces carbon emissions. It promotes cleaner transportation and contributes to a greener future. Showcasing your business as a forward thinking figure in your industry.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

Just like any other service you may offer at your business EV charging at your facility can provide convenience to your customers. They can charge their vehicles while they shop, dine, or work, making their visit more enjoyable.


Competitive Edge:

Businesses that offer EV charging for their staff or customers can stand out in the market, that may otherwise be saturated. It can be a unique selling point (USP) and differentiate your business from your competitors, keeping your customers coming back each time.


ROI and Tax Benefits:

While the initial cost of retrofitting may seem significant, it’s an investment that pays off in the long run though tariff setting and general ROI. You may also benefit from tax incentives and deductions.


Charging Options:

If you’re looking at moving forward with the retrofitting in your car park there are a few different charging options to choose from, your choice should be based on your needs and power availability on your site. These options include:


Charger speed:

There are currently 3 “levels” of speed that are used for defining the speed of your chargers. These levels are level 1, level 2 and level 3. Getting faster throughout each stage. To understand what these speeds mean and their best use cases check out our blog on “The basics of EV charging” or our guide on choosing your first EV charger.


Charger Brand:

Charger speed is not the only thing you should think about when looking to install EV chargers at your business. You should also always look into different brands of chargers as most brands have unique capabilities, best use cases and designs. To see our top 5 recommended charger brands click here.


Network Connectivity:

Network connectivity is an essential area that gets looked over when considering installing charge point. This is also known as ’backoffice’. The purpose of this software is to allow you to track and charge for the use of your chargers. Without a backoffice put into place there is no way to track or charge a fee to the people using your chargers. If this is what you wanted that is fine but it would mean that you’re essentially giving away free electricity to anyone who can plug into the charger.


Promotion and Marketing:

When looking at other ways you can promote your new EV charging infrastructure there are a few different strategies you can look at. Here are some strategies to consider:


Highlight Sustainability:

When looking at moving toward this type of sustainable future you can emphasize your commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, both personally and for your business. It is important that you also highlight other things you are doing to future move down this path as while EV charging is a step forward there are many factors that go into making EV charging truly sustainable. For better guidance on this check out our guide here.


Educational Content:

You should create blogs, videos, and social media posts showcasing your new charging infrastructure as well as explaining the benefits of EV charging at your location, who has access and how it may help your local community.


Customer Testimonials:

Ensure that you share positive experiences from your customers who have used your EV chargers, and take on board any recommendations they may have on how you can improve.



By partnering and collaborating with EV manufacturers or local green organizations you can look into future expansion into sustainability and your charging infrastructure. This will not only enhance your image but also allow you to expand your offering in the future.



Retrofitting existing parking facilities for EV charging is a win-win for businesses and the environment. It helps attract customers, meet regulatory requirements, and foster sustainability. If you’re looking down this path you have the opportunity to lead the way in promoting this eco-friendly service and making a positive impact on your community and the world. Ready to get started? Enquire now!